Friday, 23 April 2010


"Establishing whether life ever existed on Mars is one of the outstanding scientific questions of our time. To address this and other important goals, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA have agreed to establish a joint programme for the robotic exploration of Mars. The ESA/NASA Programme includes two major missions:
1. An orbiter, to be launched in 2016, dedicated to the temporal and spatial characterisation of atmospheric trace gases of possible biological importance, such as methane and its degradation products, and including the mapping of their source regions.
2. A two-rover mission to be launched in 2018: one rover provided by NASA and the other by ESA. ESA’s ExoMars rover will carry a suite of analytical instruments dedicated to exobiology and geochemistry research: the Pasteur payload. The Rover will travel several kilometres, collecting and analysing samples from outcrops and from the subsurface with a drill, down to a depth of 2 m.
This talk was presenting the latest configuration for the 2018 two-rover mission, concentrating on the ExoMars rover, its instrument payload, and reference surface mission."
Astronomy- Campus Party

**What is the focus of the Exomars Mission? EXPLORING MARS IN 3D :

**Why wouldn't there be life on Mars?

**Mars is a strange planet...What can be a "right location" to send EXOMARS Robots?

**The Exomars Mission: The Instruments, Independent Robots

**The Reference Service Mission: how to calibrate the robots? By using black samples made of Moon rocks....

What type of organic molecules are they looking for?

*Is the results will be 100% definite? Life on Mars for sure or not?

*Life on Mars In the volcanoes?

*Is Mars for the Martians?

*Magnetic field on Mars...

Campus-Europa Madrid: Science is real...?

Is it that real???!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Humanoids- robots in Madrid

Humanoid robot trying to catch a ball...

The Humanoid robot that can seat down...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Campus-Europa Madrid: IDEO

Paul Bennett, creative director came to present the ideology of his company IDEO. Here are two products that they have developed, these are pictures of their early stages: The apply mouse and the vacuum cleaner.
I like the emphasize of his talk on design being about " CHANGE" and " OPTIMISM".

Friday, 16 April 2010

Campus-Europa en madrid!

Ola, soy une campusera de madrid, this month I got the very good surprise to be invited at Campus-Europa in Madrid to talk about my project Super K Sonic BOOOOum. It used to be in Valencia with Spanish participants but this year they seen it in BIG!

This event organized by the ministry of Science in Spain is a real unique platform for young developers, geeks, designers, scientists from all europe to meet and exchange their ideas and passion: And it works!
Before I posts different little articles on what we actually do and learn in Campus Europa, I would like to talk a bit more about Madrid and "los Madrilenos".

At first, my impression of Madrid was limited to " La casa Magica", this massive black box building is the place where 800 tents had been installed for all the european participants. The inside looks like the scene of a star wars movie: Look for yourself:

This is where I first met the staff of Campus-Party, those who made it all possible and worked so hard to get us 800 campuseros to discuss about "the future". Those are Claudia, Isabel, Raluca, Miguel, Jonan y Marco. The welcome was very warm and from there starts the adventure in Madrid...

On the evening I went to "The chefe", a little bar outside of The casa Magica, 50 Avenida de San Fermin ( in case you go by Madrid), this is where I met Miguel. Miguel is working for El chefe and he made me try some " especialidad" de madrid. hmmm...!
He talks perfect in french, english, german, very impressive.

Here you have "la pulpa a la Gallega", I mean what is left of octopus cooked in some mix of spice .

And here is some liquor de herbas to help to digest, it looks quite chemical but this is actually very tasty.
Then the evening ended in laugh and cervezas with the neighborhood, very warm.

The day after I went en "el Sol" =the sun, the center of the city, this is where you can see "la plaza mayor", very cute place where you can try the hot chocolate, an other "especialidad" of Madrid.

But also The plaza del Sol, usually full of performers, so yes, madrid seems to be a dynamic city.

Keeping on with my little tour, I met others campuseros in front of the Royal Palace.

la plaza de la provencia, la plaza de la villa, la plaza de oriente... Madrid has a rich architecture. Everywhere you go you will find a little cute place where you will be able to stop and enjoy the sun. And if you get lost, just ask around, Madrilenos are very helpful.
Here you can see a craftman working on knitting on apperon

But also Madrid is made of funny little details, like this Xrays shops, which scan chicken!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Stretching bio

Monday, 8 March 2010

Food marketo- process ceramics

I've been learning some ceramics basic with Dave, Technician in BA ceramics at Central St Martin's.
Here are some pictures of the process to make a plate for the Milan Design show.

The second hand robust lace to rotate plaster that Dave got from a college

Dave's heating system to dry his plaster mold

Dave's measuring tools, he has them since high school.

Dave shown me one of his plaster mold this one was for an handle

Working the plaster on the lase in order to have a soup plate

Doing the clay work

Finally doing the final mold, unfortunately the plaster plate broke just before we managed that...So we had to all stick the pieces together...
This plate will have a lot of history!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Smallest cinema in the world-Artivaran

Some of my short movies have been screened by Artivaran in the smallest cinema in the world at 72//4th Avenue, Brixton Village Market, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London from the 3rd to the 6th March.
It was a very cosy little black room.

It has featured: Suzy:Passion Whales

Suzy, Passion : Whale from nelly ben hayoun on Vimeo.


Seaside by Nelly Ben Hayoun from nelly ben hayoun on Vimeo.

and a research video on how to do brain fitness, Brain Fitness with snails

Brain fitness research from nelly ben hayoun on Vimeo.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

It's a long "sticky" shot but it may just work

Chewing gum used to be made with single cells proteins, “food from oil’, in the 1960’s a
research program started to turn petrol, into edible proteins. Apples, cumcumbers…. could therefore have a stretching shape as they could be synthesized from petrol…

This experiment uses chewing gum as a tool for unusual domestic experiences.

It comes with a mastication machine, that will help to masticate large quantities of bubble gum in order to realize a large-scale sculpture. 

What if your door bell was made of chewing gum? Will everyone knock on the door instead of ringing the bell? Will they hesitate to press the bell to avoid touching the sticky pink material??

What if your fence was made of chewing gum? Will you be able to bend it and easily jump over?

experiment on mastication machine

experiment door handle made of chewing gum

sticky door bell

sticky bottle

sticky window with the taste of apple

sticky bathroom mat

sticky fence

sticky chair

Monday, 15 February 2010

Foodmarketo- Milan fair 2010

Few little experimentation around the theme of food developed for DesignMarketo for the Design Milan Fair 2010

Baby sinks

L'arrache-Coeur- The heartsnatcher

Snow White was poisoned by a shinny apple. How could she seek revenge? L’arrache-Coeur is a machine that allows you to make holes in your fruits (you can choose your pattern). These holes will turn your fruits into ugly sculptures. 
Based on Boris Vian surrealistic book- Heartsnatcher- this machine aims to challenge our perception of empathy. How much nonsense is there in having empathy for an apple?


Le verre pour buller tranquille\ the glass for blowing bubbles peacefully

Everyday life can be repetitive and frustrating. We are constantly faced with stressful situations - at work, in the home and in our relationships.

Relax for a while, take a break and blow into this glass. It contains a special system to create bubbles, helping us unwind.



What if a fruit could squirt water from its back like a whale?

This poetic, plastic fantastic gadget plays with your imagination and guarantees you will jump into water and a fantasy.