Saturday, 27 February 2010

It's a long "sticky" shot but it may just work

Chewing gum used to be made with single cells proteins, “food from oil’, in the 1960’s a
research program started to turn petrol, into edible proteins. Apples, cumcumbers…. could therefore have a stretching shape as they could be synthesized from petrol…

This experiment uses chewing gum as a tool for unusual domestic experiences.

It comes with a mastication machine, that will help to masticate large quantities of bubble gum in order to realize a large-scale sculpture. 

What if your door bell was made of chewing gum? Will everyone knock on the door instead of ringing the bell? Will they hesitate to press the bell to avoid touching the sticky pink material??

What if your fence was made of chewing gum? Will you be able to bend it and easily jump over?

experiment on mastication machine

experiment door handle made of chewing gum

sticky door bell

sticky bottle

sticky window with the taste of apple

sticky bathroom mat

sticky fence

sticky chair

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