Monday, 15 February 2010

Foodmarketo- Milan fair 2010

Few little experimentation around the theme of food developed for DesignMarketo for the Design Milan Fair 2010

Baby sinks

L'arrache-Coeur- The heartsnatcher

Snow White was poisoned by a shinny apple. How could she seek revenge? L’arrache-Coeur is a machine that allows you to make holes in your fruits (you can choose your pattern). These holes will turn your fruits into ugly sculptures. 
Based on Boris Vian surrealistic book- Heartsnatcher- this machine aims to challenge our perception of empathy. How much nonsense is there in having empathy for an apple?


Le verre pour buller tranquille\ the glass for blowing bubbles peacefully

Everyday life can be repetitive and frustrating. We are constantly faced with stressful situations - at work, in the home and in our relationships.

Relax for a while, take a break and blow into this glass. It contains a special system to create bubbles, helping us unwind.



What if a fruit could squirt water from its back like a whale?

This poetic, plastic fantastic gadget plays with your imagination and guarantees you will jump into water and a fantasy.

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